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Arcair PECU Military Slice Pack Complete System # 63-991-024

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ARC 63-991-024-2
90.00 LBS
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Product Description





The ARCAIR PECU replaced the portable oxyacetylene cutting unit. The PECU provides for more rapid access into areas of the ship where normal access is impaired during firefighting operations. It is also used to drain accumulated firefighting water from areas of the ship where the effects of the accumulated water will impair the ship's stability.


Arcair Slice and Complete Packs:


Exothermic torches improve crew safety by eliminating the need for hazardous secondary gases (like acetylene) which are typically carried in the crew compartment. Also by reducing the overall time to complete a job, crew exposure to external hazards is minimized.


Police SWAT- Forced entry applications
• Removing security bars/doors from hardened houses.

• Penetrating steel industrial doors.
• Cutting hardened padlocks and chains.


• Fast, quiet and easy to use.
• Bendable cutting rods used with rod extender allow greater use of cover.
• Eliminates risk of collateral damage and liability from explosive entries.
• Eliminates "they shot first" scenarios of shotgun breaching.
• Highly portable. No hazardous acetylene on site.


Fire Rescue applications
• Remove security bars, doors, grates from commercial and residential structures.
• Heavy rescue, i.e. industrial accidents involving heavy machinery (cranes, farm equipment, process equipment, etc.).
• Cut structural steel or concrete reinforcement bar.
• Confined space rescue.
• Cut track rails, frames, aluminum/stainless skin for Railway / Subway accidents.


• Fast, safe, easy to use.
• Lightweight and highly portable.
• No acetylene, compressed air or electricity required.
• Operates in all weather conditions, through standing water or through water spray.
• Cutting rods reach where conventional torches can't.
• Cuts thicker material than portable plasma systems.
• Cuts aluminum, stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, etc.


• Cut, gouge, or pierce through any material
• Performs in adverse working conditions and damp environments
• Professional's first choice for applications involving specialty gouging, piercing or cutting


The unique burning action of Arcair's Exothermic cutting rods literally liquefies any material in its path using the material itself as fuel. Utilizing only oxygen, Arcair rods quickly cut or melt through almost any known material including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, concrete, granite, nickel, titanium and aluminum, as well as exotic metals.Arcair systems cut so quickly there is minimal heat build-up enabling the temper of the material to remain virtually unchanged.


The Exothermic rods burn in damp atmospheres, even when submerged in mud or water.


When saving time is the primary consideration, Arcair is the professional's first choice for applications involving specialty gouging, piercing or cutting. Equipment maintenance and repair shops perform normally difficult and time consuming tasks in just a fraction of the time required by conventional methods. Downtime of expensive heavy equipment is greatly reduce during track and bucket pin removal, gouging and the removal of hard facing and old welds.


Prime Cut Advantages:
• Arcair Exothermic systems operate at temperatures exceeding 10,000 degrees F, eliminating the need for surface preheating.

• Repairs are made without raising burrs on bearings and bushings because an electrical current is not required.
• Arcair's system does not leave carbon deposits eliminating the need for surface grinding and gouge cleaning.
• Arcair's  systems are safer than other types of equipment because they do not require high amperage or potentially dangerous acetylene (or any other secondary fuel).
• Arcair systems produce less noise, smoke and noxious gases than other systems increasing operator comfort and safety.
• Arcair user friendly features have been task engineered for simplicity of operation. The 12v DC ignition system, single oxygen fuel source with one regulator, and completely self-contained portable kits ensure that Arcair's Exothermic systems are easy to operate even for less experienced users.






The PECU uses a special torch that supplies oxygen and power to the exothermic cutting rod. A spark from the striker assembly is all that is needed to ignite the rod. The PECU utilizes expendable cutting rods, which operate on the exothermic torch principle. This principle involves the use of oxygen combined with a fuel. In this case the fuel is a steel tube. The exothermic cutting rod is ignited when the oxygen passing through the iron rod comes in contact with a spark generated from a 12-volt DC battery-powered ignite. This kit identifies all equipment used for the function of cutting through ferrous and non-ferrous wiring and other shipboard materials, particularly on aircraft carrier flight decks.


If the PECU is used with a welding machine while working with conductive materials, the cutting rod produces over 10,000°F temperatures. But even without current, is still produces temperatures hot enough to melt stainless steel.


The collet chuck and the collet nut assembly secure the cutting rod to the hand held torch assembly. The piercing torch shield provides protection of the hands from slag during normal cutting operations.



This P/N consists of:

1 Arcair SLICE Fleet Pack 63-991-029

2 Auxiliary case with 2 cylinders 94-134-044

3 Spare parts package 94-463-041

4 25-pcs. 3/8² x 36² cutting rods 43-049-009


The rest of the kit is covered under ARCAIR SLICE FLEET

PACK ASSEMBLY P/N 63-991-029 which consists of:

1 Aluminum carrying case 94-134-037

2 Torch assembly 03-003-005

3 Oxygen hose assembly 94-396-197

4 Power cable assembly 96-130-319

5 Battery box assembly 96-076-024

6 Striker assembly 72-012-004

7 Oxygen regulator assembly 94-698-086 SEE ALLOWANCE

8 Oxygen cylinder 94-208-001 EQUIPAGE LIST

9 25 ea. 1/4² x 22² cutting rods 43-049-002 (AEL) 2-880044274

10 Oxy. hose, ignition cables extension 96-130-313 &

11 Gloves 94-351-004 ALLOWANCE

12 Goggles 94-349-002 PARTS LISTS

13 Collet extension 94-168-023 (APL) 419990197

14 Collet extension shield 94-777-111

15 Charging cable assembly 96-130-318

16 3/8² collet nut 94-168-024

17 3/8² collet chuck 94-158-045

18 Regulator Wrench 94-960-063

19 Hose Wrench 94-960-064



Replacement 1/4² x 22² cutting rods(100 pcs.) 43-049-003



Battery box assembly 96-076-024

1/4-20, pan head mach. screw (2-req’d) 97-192-158

Spacer (2-req’d) 94-802-209

Charging cable assembly 96-130-318


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